Women’s rights organizations and activists support Qadri’s stance against Aurat March – Latest News – The Nation

ISLAMABAD- A delegation composed of civil society representatives, social activists and students from the International Islamic University of Islamabad (IIUI) working on women’s rights paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Religious Affairs on Monday and Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri Interfaith Harmony and fully supported his position against Aurat Mars. Prominent representatives of civil bodies Tayyiba Ibrahim and Rabia Umar and social activists Dr Rehan Tahir and Jaffar Majid Awan and female students of IIUI have said that some non-state actors are trying to impose an alien agenda on Pakistani women as a result of the Aurat march which was totally unacceptable to them.

Appreciating the bold move of the religious minister, they expressed their confidence in the content of the letter written to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the proposed idea to mark Hijab Day on March 8. Addressing the delegation, Qadri said his letter was central to the overall thinking of various segments of society.
He said he was a strong advocate for women’s rights, but he couldn’t see the way Pakistani women were humiliated in the Aurat March costume.
He said that Western society could not offer the necessary respect and protection to women as they were considered in our family system and in Islamic society.
He said that under this pre-planned Western program, wives were inflamed with hatred against their husbands and daughters against their parents.
Qadri said that the slogans of Aurat March do not correspond to our cultured and Islamic society.
He said on International Women’s Day that they should raise real women’s issues such as equal rights to education and employment opportunities, fair sharing of inherited property and harassment instead of instigating mutiny against their loved ones.
He lamented that Muslim women are banned from wearing the dress of their choice in Western countries, but these so-called women’s rights organizations and activists have become silent spectators.
He stated categorically that women’s rights are completely protected in the Constitution of Pakistan and Islam.