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Sajid Javid must tell the NHS to protect women-only hospital wards (Image: GETTY)

Indeed, he must explain to a health service that his job is to protect not only the rights of women, but also their dignity and, above all, their safety. Javid told the NHS this week to take ‘full account’ of guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission which has made it clear that it is legal for hospitals and other public places to offer services and single-sex spaces.

So far, so good. But then a number of an NHS equalities chief, who appears to care more about trans rights than patient safety, says the decision is transphobic. No, this is not the case. It’s about women’s safety.

I assume whoever said that knows that a patient was raped by a trans patient in a single sex room?

For an entire year, the hospital denied the rape had happened, insisting that because it was a single-sex ward, it was not possible.

They forgot the They forgot the CCTV that proved it happened. But for an entire year, this hospital lied to everyone – including the police – preferring to protect a rapist’s rights over vulnerable women.

Never mind that all this time the raped woman was on the verge of a breakdown, not just because of this horrific assault in what she believed to be a safe space, but because no one believed her.

    Demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament against gender self-identification

Demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament against gender self-identification (Image: GETTY)

Don’t the equality bodies care about her? She goes to the hospital because she is sick and ends up being raped and then told that she is a liar.

We also know that hospital trusts tell sisters and nurses on the ward that any patient who complains that there is a man on their ward should be informed that it is not true if that man is a trans person. So you have to lie to scared women? Talk about betrayal.

It’s borderline criminal. These NHS workers are actually denying the biological facts. And this denial puts women at risk. And where does our supposedly cash-strapped NHS come from appointing equality and diversity bosses who think it’s okay to put sick and vulnerable women at risk?

The NHS appointed an equalities boss in 2019 with the obscene £230,000 salary. Yes, that’s nearly $80,000 more than Boris and enough to pay for NINE newly qualified nurses. This person also received two deputies and only God knows how many they get.

And why is Javid just asking the NHS to protect women? Why doesn’t he demand that they do it – if not! We pay for the NHS, for God’s sake. We pay the huge salaries of these “equality chiefs” so how dare they tell us we are transphobic when we demand protection. It’s pretty terrifying to be in the hospital.

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon has defended her right to compete in women's sport

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon has defended her right to compete in women’s sport (Image: GETTY)

To then be subjected to the possibility of being raped is simply unacceptable.

Equality and inclusiveness can never mean putting women at risk or eroding their rights. Yet ever-screaming activists tell us that we are all fanatics and transphobes because we dare to question their denial of logic and real biology. Women have every right to demand single-sex toilets and changing rooms.

They have every right to want to ban trans women from women’s prisons (where biological women have been raped by trans women) and shelters. Yes, as a society we must respect trans women and ensure that they are not discriminated against, but this cannot come at the expense of women’s rights.

At least the fightback has begun. Women are no longer ready to remain silent and be afraid. Boris speaking out this week, saying biological men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sport, set a milestone.

But only women have the power to change what is happening – and they must. Because even if the activists shout, a trans woman is not a woman!


Moscow’s spoiled socialites cut up their Chanel bags in protest against the closure of the city’s designer boutiques.

These women, who posted their photos on Instagram, accuse the big brands of being “russophobic”.

Don’t realize the stupid bints… the whole world is now Russophobic. And how thick are they if they think cutting down their overpriced designer bags counts for a lot next to the slaughter, rape and destruction happening in Ukraine?

They are all lucky to have managed to put their claws on rich men because with their pea brains they would have barely earned a living!


Towie’s stick ego Gemma Collins recounts how Leonardo DiCaprio got her kicked out of a club in Los Angeles for simply saying “Hello”.

With her reputation as a “gobby,” it’s hard to believe that’s all she said. But, says Collins: “I thought – you realize I’m famous too, don’t you?”

The poor woman clearly thinks she’s in the same league as a global Hollywood superstar.

Poor Leonardo was probably having a nice quiet drink with a dummy and more shots as Big Bird was trying to bulk up on his night.

“Well, they can all kiss my ass,” Gemma said. I’m sure neither Leonardo nor whoever chased her would have the stomach for that!


WAKE ALERT! Carrie Hope, star of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cinderella, says her character being bullied and stalked on stage by the naughty sisters took a toll on her mental health. Why the hell did Mrs. Hope become an actress if she can’t distinguish between fantasy and real life?

Her acting career is going to be pretty limited if she can only play roles where people are nice to her. God help him if he’s ever offered a remake of Cape Fear or Halloween.


Carrie Hope says her bullied and stalked character damaged her sanity

Carrie Hope says her bullied and stalked character damaged her sanity (Image: GETTY)

There may soon be a ban on disposable barbecues due to the risk of forest fires.

The only risk comes from idiots turning them on in places they shouldn’t and not turning them off when they leave, ruining everything for the rest of us.


Kudos to all those Liverpool girls who braved the rain and gales in all their finery for Aintree on Thursday.

Even the bad weather could not shake the enthusiasm of these beautiful fillies.

They walked out — legs exposed, boobs bared, sky-high stilettos and big hats — laughing and loving every second of it all. God loves them!


Just Stop OIL idiot Nathan McGovern glued himself to a microphone while being interviewed on LBC Radio.

Here’s an idea: the next time one of these jerks sticks to anything – a microphone, a road, a sidewalk, let’s leave them there and pretend they don’t exist.

We can drive around them, pass them, leave them stuck in rooms.

After a few hours without food or water, they were soon stopping their stupid stunts which only serve to keep people away from the cause of climate change.


Weasels who attack a woman to attack her husband, it’s the real politics of the gutter

Just a few months ago, Rishi Sunak was a very real threat to Boris’ leadership. No more.

His chances of being prime minister are now over thanks to a vicious smear campaign against his Indian-born wife Akshata by Labor and his own party’s enemies. Akshata did not break any law. Her crime is that she is very, very wealthy and has perfectly legitimately claimed non-dom status in Britain.

But last night, thanks to the vitriol hurled at her and her husband courtesy of his enemies, she said she would pay UK tax on her overseas earnings, even though she was not required by law to do so.

Weasel Starmer was the first to pile in last week, using the cost of living crisis to suggest that Ms Sunak’s wealth, as well as Rishi’s, is an insult to the millions struggling to pay her tax increases. Then Ed Miliband joined the dogfight – the same man who cried blue murder when his late Marxist father was attacked for saying the British were ‘rabid nationalists’.

At the time, Miliband said, “Politics cannot be conducted in the gutter. A line has been crossed. But, hey, is it OK for him to walk through it and attack Sunak’s wife? And it’s no coincidence that it all started the day the NI tax hikes took effect and Rishi’s enemies used them to poison the well of public opinion. And they succeeded.

People are hurting and they are looking for someone to blame, so they are ripe to swallow allegations of wrongdoing even if there hasn’t been one. Despite the fact that Mrs. Murty gave in to the bullies, it will not save her husband from the buzzards that are now spinning.

They will find something else to discredit him. It all sounds so dirty – politicians are stalking a woman to destroy her husband. “It shouldn’t be about wealth,” Sunak said this week as he tried to defend his wife. “It should be about values.”

And he has them in spades, along with morals and principles – something the people who are currently trying to destroy him and his wife don’t have.