Women’s rights activist visited by Wiltshire Police ‘for being angry with paedophiles’

A women’s rights activist has been visited by Wiltshire police officers – who have allegedly accused her of being ‘annoying with paedophiles’.

Kellie-Jay Keen, who lives in Hilperton Road, Trowbridge, expressed her frustrations in a YouTube video about the force’s response to the hate crimes report on Sunday July 24.

She claimed two officers attended her speech saying they had received a complaint that she was ‘unhappy about paedophiles’ in a video she had posted online.

Kellie claims she responded to the police officer by asking, “Is it a crime to be mean to pedophiles?” – to which they replied: “Well, the person was offended.”

Kellie fired back, “I’m offended that you’re here trying to silence women on child protection.”

Many jumped to his defense and #UntowardAboutPaedophiles started trending on Twitter.

In a statement, Wiltshire Police said: “Following a report from a member of the public, officers visited a woman in Trowbridge to provide advice regarding comments made online which the complainant believed to be inappropriate and offensive.

“No further police action will take place and the case has been closed.

“Having reviewed our response to this incident against the College of Policing’s new guidelines for hate crime incidents, we recognize that the Force’s response was not fully proportionate.

“However, it is important to clarify that our officers acted with the best of intentions, adhering to previous guidelines, which only changed last week.

“We are currently working to ensure the latest national guidance is fully shared across our organization to provide clarity to officers on how reports of this nature should be handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure a consistent and proportionate response. .”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, Philip Wilkinson, also issued a statement.

He said: “My policing and crime plan is extremely clear in its direction that Wiltshire Police should focus on investigating the crimes that matter most to our communities.

“The Force is working hard to deliver on these strategic policing priorities alongside national policing priorities and directions.

“I have been made aware of an incident on Sunday where officers attended an address to provide advice to a resident after posting a video blog online which may have caused offense or distress. “

As a result, Mr Philkinson ‘asked Wiltshire Police for a full explanation, a rationale for the decision-making which resulted in a uniform response and whether it was considered proportionate in this case’.

He added: ‘It’s not about the subject, which I fully agree with if the threshold for a hate crime was met, but whether it was a proportionate response.

“Subsequently, while accepting that officers acted with the best of intentions, Wiltshire Police are currently working on their own local guidelines after the latest Police College update still leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation. .

“This means the Force will provide more clarity to officers on how reports of this nature should be recorded and will ensure consistent responses and effective use of police resources across the full spectrum of crime in the county.”