Women’s rights activist Facia Harris expresses deep sadness at the death of the Princess

A Liberian women’s rights activist and winner of the 2022 International Women of Courage Award, Ms Facia Harris, has expressed deep sadness over the suspicious death of Ms Princess Cooper, the young woman recently found dead in the fence housing the materials store of Fawaz construction at ELWA Junction in March. 24.

“I am deeply saddened by the sad news of the death in suspicious circumstances of Ms Princess Cooper. What happened to Princess Cooper remains the only outstanding question,” Ms Harris said on Tuesday.

The late Princess Cooper

Police have so far claimed no foul play in the young woman’s death, but the government has said it will carry out an autopsy on the body to establish the cause of death.

Princess, 25, a resident of Tweh Farm on Bushrod Island outside Monrovia, a lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood, while another young man Melvin Togba was also found dead the same day in his bedroom in Jallah Town, raising alarm over the number of mysterious deaths in the country.

“Ms. Cooper was reported by the media to be an industrious young woman in her prime. There is no justification for taking another person’s life, but we are nonetheless puzzled as to the motive of her attackers,” Ms Harris said, adding: “My heart goes out to his family and close friends. May they be comforted.”

Ms Harris, who is also a co-founder of the Paramount Young Women Initiative (PAYOWI), called on the Liberian National Police to conduct a prompt and detailed investigation to determine the cause of death and, if necessary, bring the deceased killers to justice. .

She argued that with no cause of death, or no culprit and no motive, Ms Cooper joins a growing list of Liberians, especially women who have lost their lives in suspicious circumstances.

“We take this opportunity to remember (Ma. Nowai Flomo, Odell Sherman and among other women and girls whose deaths remain unresolved).

I call on the Ministries of Gender and Justice to pay particular attention to this issue and, by extension, to the safety and security of women and girls in Liberia.

I call on the United Nations family in Liberia and all well-meaning friendly governments, upon request, to assist our security sector in bringing the alleged perpetrators to justice.

Your investment in the security industry is at risk from these unresolved cases.

We are in danger.

We are not protected.

We are human.

We have the right to life and liberty.

Justice for survivors and rape victims, justice for Precious. Ms Harris added.