Women activists seek inclusion of government and society

At a rally in Kabul, several activists discussed ways for women to gain a political and social presence in society, urging the Islamic Emirate to let women contribute within the structure of the new government.

To mark this year’s “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence”, the women called on the Islamic Emirate to give them a role to play in various sectors of society based on Islamic values ​​and rules.

“Many challenges awaited women in the previous government; at present, women do not have access to their rights, to education or to work either. We call on the Islamic Emirate to honor the commitments they promised earlier, ”said Diana Azizi, a women’s activist.

The participants also discussed the place of women in the Islamic religion.

“If we carefully study our religion and our Sharia, our homes and our society will become full of prosperity, our Islamic commandments say so clearly about women’s rights,” said Abeda Majidi, a university teacher.

Amnesty International said on November 25 that the international community must live up to its long-term commitment to women’s rights in Afghanistan.

“These stories provide a powerful and timely reminder of how far Afghan women have come over the past two decades in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They also provide thought-provoking insight into how the lives of women and girls have changed since the return of the Taliban, ”said Samira Hamidi, South Asia Campaigner at Amnesty International. (Put it in English please. Is it English?)

“We urge the Taliban to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of women and girls. We call on the international community to engage directly with Afghan women to understand their reality, listen to their pragmatic recommendations and work with them to support women’s rights, ”Hamidi said.

Since taking control of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has imposed some restrictions on women and girls, but recently the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, said the government is committed to respecting the rights of women in accordance with Islamic values.