Women activists call for open talks on Silverline | Kochi News

KOCHI: A group of women from various walks of life have written a letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan registering their protest against the difficulties faced by women and children during the laying of the survey stone for the SilverLine project across the State.
The women including Ajitha K from Anweshi, Gargi H, Aleyamma Vijayan from SAKHI in Thiruvananthapuram and Meenakshi M, a student, wrote the letter to the CM calling for open discussion in a transparent manner instead of suppressing the protest using force policewoman. They denounced the use of police force to expel protesters, including women, in Changanassery three days ago.
“The authoritarianism towards women and children in Changanassery on March 17 is highly deplorable. Is this the way to respond to public concern and anxiety when a development project is implemented by popular government? We are not prepared to accept any rationale for the approach,” the letter states.
“Your government should use democratic courtesy to interact with them transparently. Their feelings and concerns should be respected. Kerala no longer needs K-Rail now. Instead, we believe the state needs a sustainable development approach, giving impetus to rebuilding the ecology,” the letter adds.
The letter also stated that the forced abduction of women and children once again shocked the conscience of the society since the marginalized society, women and children were the victims of all overt and hidden injustices. “You have to realize that the approach of launching (a project) without considering popular development demands will negatively affect the left-progressive party and governance,” he said.
Women expressed concern that this approach would benefit fundamentalist forces. He urged the CM to handle the situation with integrity instead of driving the government’s policies and projects on people who strive to meet the dual ends of life.