The left’s hypocrisy on women’s rights is sickening

Abortion is more divisive in America than any culture war. The positions are deeply rooted, fueled by moral or religious convictions, and leave no room for compromise. The Supreme Court’s draft opinion leaked this week unsurprisingly enraged pro-choicers.

Protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court; references to the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, immediately began trending on Twitter – the implication being that women in America were to become slaves to their bellies. Commentators described their rage and grief. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said: “I am angry. Angry, upset and determined. His words were echoed by a number of senior UK politicians, prompting the government to declare that “the UK fully supports reproductive rights around the world, including safe and legal abortion”.

Famed liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom has vowed the state will “fight like hell” to oppose any ruling that threatens abortion access. “Our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will not be silenced,” he tweeted, “the world is about to hear their fury.” Back in the UK, Labour’s Harriet Harman said it was a “chilling reminder” of the need to protect women’s rights. London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that he “stands with women across the United States today”.

I am pro-choice. I was shocked and angry at the Supreme Court’s plan to overturn Roe v Wade. But if my part of the debate hinges on backing Newsom, Harman and Khan, I might as well give up now. Their side – just days ago – was unable to say the word “woman” without caveats and apologies. Their movement believes that being a woman is nothing more than a feeling, an identity, and that any man should be able to stick to a dress and expect to be greeted in the ladies room. A week ago they couldn’t define ‘woman’ if their life depended on it and now we’re supposed to believe they stand up for women’s rights. Come on.

Searching for a culprit, pro-choicers directed their anger at the Supreme Court justices. Republicans, including three appointed by Donald Trump, are an appropriate target. And the majority of judges are men. Why should they have a say in an issue that concerns exclusively women?

Protesters who gathered outside the Supreme Court yesterday made both charges. Some chanted: “Do something Democrats”. One carried a sign with the slogan: ‘Judges come out of my vagina’ – a reminder of the once popular argument that men shouldn’t be able to voice their opinion on abortion. This position has always been difficult to justify, but it at least has the merit of recognizing that only women become pregnant.

But what are the Democrats doing? President Biden’s most recent Supreme Court nomination, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was widely celebrated as the first black woman to achieve such a post. During her recent confirmation hearing, Jackson was asked to define a woman. She could not answer, declaring: “I am not a biologist.

The awakened elite have spent the last few years swiping the word “woman” from any discussion of reproduction. Instead of women or girls, broadcasters, activists and even health service providers began to refer to ‘menstruators’, ‘birth parents’, ‘cervical carriers’ and “breast eaters”. According to this state of mind, it is not women who need access to abortion, but those “who have a uterus”.

People who have spent the past few years unable to pronounce the word woman are now trying to pass themselves off as women’s rights advocates. People who have repeatedly told us that biology doesn’t make you a woman are suddenly horrified that women can no longer decide for themselves what happens to their bodies. People who told us that being a woman is nothing more than an identity are now outraged that men can make legal decisions that impact women. The hypocrisy is astounding.

In my opinion, overturning Roe vs Wade poses a serious threat to women’s rights. But we can’t just blame a handful of Republicans for letting this happen. Democrats – and left-wing activists in the UK – have failed women badly. After all, if you can’t pronounce the word “woman,” why should you be counted on to advocate for women’s gender rights? In future debates, women will seek leadership elsewhere than on the superficial left.