The congressman defends his son; Women’s rights activist slams callousness

Reacting to the rape allegations against his son, Rajasthan Congressman Johari Lal Meena said “they are innocent”. Asked about the victim’s allegations, Meena said the case was a lie and her son was “innocent”. On Saturday, Deepak Meena and four other people were arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl from Dausa district in the state, according to the official police statement.

“Why should I meet the victim’s family? The case is a lie, we are innocent, my son is innocent. We are not at fault even 1%. The police will decide who the culprit is,” added Johari Lal Meena.

Women’s rights activist slams Rajasthan Congresswoman

Criticizing the congresswoman for his insensitive remarks, women’s rights activist Brinda Adige said: “This is not acceptable. They are elected and they must be above the vote. They must speak a respectful and dignified language. And when they say such words, it shows their patriarchy and the fact that they have no problem when a woman is humiliated.”

“When they talk about ‘beti bachaao beti padhaao’ they should keep their speech. Is he trying to say that his silence is support for the accused son? It just shows that you support the culprit,” Brinda added. Adige.

Enraged by Meena’s defense, Rajasthani opposition leader Gulab Chand Kataria said, “He (Meena) is standing up for his son. Instead of cooperating with the investigation, he is standing up for his son.”

The BJP has claimed that there is no rule of law in Rajasthan and the incident has put a question mark over the state’s law and order situation.

Dausa rape case

According to the complaint details provided by SHO Nathulal Meena, the accused sexually assaulted the victim in Samleti after intoxicating the 15-year-old. He said one of the five defendants, identified as Vivek Sharma, was also convicted of extorting Rs 15 lakh in cash and jewelry by threatening the victim to upload the video of her rape on social media. NCW has also taken cognizance of the matter.

Police have identified the main accused as Deepak Meena, son of Congress MP Johari Lal Meena from Rajgarh assembly constituency in Alwar district. According to the police, a rape case was also registered against Johari Lal Meena in 2019, but after an investigation by CB-CID, the allegations made by the woman were found to be false.