The Colorado Republican wants to “bring balance to women’s rights”. Hey Thanks

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On abortion, O’Dea said, “I believe that for the first five months a woman should have the right to choose. And after that, rape, incest, mother’s health, that decision should be between a woman and her doctor.

It has the wording all wrapped up in there—right to choose, decision between a woman and her doctor. But it is not that simple. It supports a host of exclusions, from parental notification to exemptions for religious hospitals to banning government funding of abortion. What is most telling, however, is how he explains his overall approach: “I’m going to the Senate to negotiate a good bill that balances women’s rights.

Little ladies just can’t have rights! Oh no we need one balance rights for women. Men have rights. Women have carefully calibrated rights that must not go too far. Which doesn’t really look like rights—”something to which one has a just claim” or “something which one can rightfully claim as due”.

Balancing women’s rights? More like balancing his viability as a general election candidate with his actual beliefs.

Then there is the Trump question. O’Dea said he’d vote for Donald Trump if Trump was the Republican nominee in 2024, but now…he just won’t say it.

“I don’t believe any of them should run – Trump or Biden,” he told Clark, repeatedly answering the question of whether he would vote for a Trump candidate with his hope. that Trump would not show up, but refusing to say yes or no to the question posed. And it’s a yes he would vote for Trump, but it’s a politically inconvenient thing to say right now as he approaches a general election against Democratic Sen. Michael Bennett.

O’Dea tries to sell himself as a moderate guy who tells it like it is, but he comes off as a weasel who can’t be trusted.

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