Ten years in prison for Iranians who send videos to a women’s rights activist

After dozens of Iranian women came out in public and sent their videos to anti-hijab activist Masih Alinejad in New York, Iran says sending her images could result in up to 10 years in prison .

Ali Khan-Mohammadi, spokesman for Iran’s Headquarters for Enjoining Right and Prohibiting Evil, responsible for promoting the Islamic Republic’s interpretation of Islamic laws, said on Saturday that any cooperation and sending videos to Alinejad will be seen as a violation of article 508 of Islamic law. Penal Code of the Republic, and can lead to a sentence of one to ten years’ imprisonment.

He noted that the ban is not limited to sending photos and videos of protests against the compulsory Islamic dress code – or hijab – adding that any material found to be against the Islamic Republic will be punishable. According to Article 508, any collaboration with “enemies and hostile media networks” is a serious violation and leads to imprisonment.

Accusing Alinejad of being an agent of the CIA and the MI6 foreign intelligence service, Khan-Mohammadi said she was a “sworn enemy of the nation” who seeks to undermine the country’s territorial integrity and create division and polarization among the people.

Iranian security organs also began arrest women who took part in a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience July 12 against hijab.

Following a call by women’s rights activists – including Alinejad – for civil disobedience with the hashtag “No2Hijab” social media exploded with dozens of videos and photos of women coming out in public.