New Delhi, India, 08/24/2021 © PradeepGaurs / Shutterstock After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, women’s rights in Afghanistan came under constant attack from the Taliban, and many female activists were captured, tortured, killed and allegedly raped. Unfortunately, the scale of these crimes is unknown due to a lack of comprehensiveRead More →

The former head of the Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, met with women activists in Kabul on Wednesday and discussed their demands for political and social rights. Former HCNR President Abdullah Abdullah met with women activists in Kabul today and discussed their demands for political and socialRead More →

File photo: Afghan women march chanting slogans and holding banners during a women’s rights protest in Kabul on January 16, 2022 (AFP via Getty Images) Hundreds of Afghan women’s rights activists have urged US President Joe Biden to take action against the killing and forced disappearance of Afghan women sinceRead More →

Four female activists in Afghanistan have been released by the country’s “de facto authorities” after going missing weeks ago, the United Nations has announced. Since returning to power in August, the Taliban has suppressed dissent by forcefully dispersing gatherings of women, arresting critics and often beating local journalists covering unauthorizedRead More →

NNA | Update: 09 February 2022 20:53 STI Washington [US]Feb. 09 (ANI): Taliban members continue to threaten and harass female activists to intimidate them after recently arresting some female activists, according to a media report.Even as the Taliban tries to persuade the world to recognize and financially support its government,Read More →

Mahesh Sharma MandiAhmedgarh/Raikot/ Khana, January 28 The women, who are family members and close friends of various candidates, have begun reaching out to voters in localities under their respective segments of the Assembly. While Kuldeep Kaur Boparai, mother of Raikot Congress candidate Kamil Amar Singh, reaches out to rural women,Read More →

The Taliban’s response to the apparent enforced disappearance of Tamana Paryani, Parwana Ibrahimkhel and other women activists in Afghanistan has laid bare their intent to eradicate critical women’s voices through the unlawful use of force. Taliban leaders have denied arresting the women, raising concerns about their safety and quick release.Read More →

JIH Women’s Wing held an online protest on the issue of the ongoing Bulli Bai App case. Help India! Several speakers at an online protest organized by the Women’s Department of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) stressed the need for people from all communities and regions to speak out against the prevailingRead More →

By using the #ReceptionDetainees hashtag, the Twitter campaign aims to raise awareness about the conditions of women, targeting the male guardianship system (husband, father or brother). Women inside and outside the country share experiences of suffering. For many, home is “a woman’s grave and a man’s paradise”. Riyadh (AsiaNews) –Read More →

The protests come amid growing outrage over women killed by their partners and as French women increasingly speak out against sexual harassment and abuse. Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across France to demand more government action to prevent violence against women. Saturday’s protests, in Paris andRead More →

Ugandan Vice President Jessica Alupo challenges women activists to hold elected political leaders accountable for commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Alupo made the call during the opening of the regional convention on women’s political leadership organized by Akina Mama wa Africa at the Serena Hotel Kampala. Alupo saidRead More →

The activists conceded and accepted President Museveni’s proposals on the division of deceased property in the 2021 inheritance amendment bill. A section of women activists conceded and endorsed President Museveni’s proposals on the division of deceased property in the 2021 inheritance amendment bill. In March 2021, Parliament adopted the inheritanceRead More →

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 29: Voting rights activists, led by National African American Clergy Network co-chair Barbara William Skinner (2nd L), US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) (3rd L), President and Chief from the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Executive Melanie Campbell (4th L), Cora Masters Barry (5th L),Read More →

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – On Saturday, a plethora of people gathered with strong messages and signs, marching from Charleston City Hall to U.S. Customs, sending a clear message to lawmakers to support and defend the rights reproductive systems of women. Activists in Charleston have joined the national call to actionRead More →

Kabul: A protest led by women’s rights activists in Kabul turned violent after Taliban forces prevented them from marching towards the presidential palace. According to Tolo News, the Taliban prevented the protests from continuing by spraying tear gas. Women in Kabul are staging protests, demanding their rights and representation inRead More →

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the nation’s women live in constant fear. Under the Taliban, a group of Afghan women activists seeking equal rights and decision-making positions in government demonstrated in Kabul, reported ANI citing a CNN report. A group called the Women’s Political Participation Network took toRead More →

Women activists underscored the importance of women’s participation in peace solutions as the countdown to Gender Equality Forum 2021 draws to a close. Ahead of the forum, a representative panelist attending a webinar titled “Sharing the Path to Peace: Exploring Shared Priorities and Collaboration Across the Region” calls for realRead More →


Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law, which has long been used to subjugate minorities in countries, is now used to silence women fighting for their rights. Recently, two Pakistani courts asked authorities to file charges against the organizers of the Pakistan Women’s March last month for violating the blasphemy law, which carriesRead More →

‘Belarus: Women on the Front Line’ highlights important role women activists have played in recent protests “In a deeply patriarchal society where domestic violence is rampant, Belarusian women have risked everything to defend their beliefs” – Aisha Jung Women who played prominent roles in the protests that have swept BelarusRead More →

Women activists killed in Pakistan: Police say a group of militants killed four women activists from a non-governmental organization and injured their driver in Pakistan’s North Waziristan district. A local police officer, Iqbal Khan, said suspected activists attacked a vehicle carrying activists from the Pakistani charity Sabawoon, an organization thatRead More →

Saudi Arabia will host the Women20 (W20) summit virtually this week. During the event, more than 80 women’s rights experts representing non-profit organizations, private companies and academic institutions will discuss “realizing 21st century opportunities for all”, a slogan that belies the reality of many Saudi women’s rights activists today. TheRead More →

Activists victims of sexual violence, smear campaigns and threats “Governments must live up to their commitment to ensure that these activists can operate freely and safely” – Kumi Naidoo Governments around the world are failing to protect women human rights defenders from mounting attacks, Amnesty International said today. [29 November]Read More →