Landmark decision Roe v. Wade: Women’s rights activists demonstrate

“It’s not about abortion. It’s about freedom. Why don’t I have the same right to reproductive freedom that a man enjoys every day,” said one pro-choice activist.

The local backlash continued to come Friday after the landmark Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The court’s 6-3 vote ends abortion as a constitutional right, which had been in effect for about half a century.

Pro-life and women’s rights activists speak out.

The Supreme Court’s expected decision to overturn Roe v. Wade provoked backlash from local residents on both sides of the abortion rights issue.

“There were people singing my country is you. and Star Spangled Banner some hymns like how awesome you are, we sang songs together,” life supporter Andy Sprinkle said.

Sprinkle was among those who gathered outside the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse to applaud the judges’ decision.

“We got together and spent some time celebrating,” Sprinkle said.

But with the celebrations also came protests.

Outside the Nueces County Courthouse, screams could be heard.

This is where a career choice demonstration began before heading to the seafront. The rally was organized by 17-year-old Clove Withers.

“I was just in tears. It was so crazy to me that the government could take away our rights like that,” Withers said.

Withers was joined by others holding signs that read “Stop the War on Women” and “Together we fight for all.”

“I’m afraid we have to keep fighting for our rights because this is the first step in what could be a loss for many rights for women and for gender non-conforming people,” Withers said.

Wither’s father, Christian, was also on hand to show his support.

“I personally am not in favor of abortion, but I am in favor of a woman’s right to choose, a woman’s right to an abortion. That’s why I’m here to support. I don’t think that the government should be able to dictate these personal private decisions,” Christian Withers said.

“When guns are less regulated than female reproductive anatomy, we’re headed in the wrong direction,” said La Lisa Hernandez.

Hernandez is a local women’s rights activist who was 10 when Roe V. Wade became the law of the land.

50 years later, she calls Friday’s decision heartbreaking and chilling.

“It’s not about abortion, it’s about freedom. Why don’t I have the same right to reproductive freedom as you, a man, that you enjoy every day,” Hernandez said.

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