Jacksonville Activists Join Statewide Protests for Women’s Rights – UNF Spinnaker

Several hundred people filled the lawn in front of the Duval County Courthouse Saturday afternoon as they demonstrated in favor of abortion rights during the “People’s Rally Against Abortion.”

Organized by the Jacksonville Women’s Marchan activist organization led by a woman in Jacksonville, the protest joined many more planned across the state This weekend. Earlier this month, POLITICS released a draft Supreme Court opinion that supported overturning Roe v. Wade who has since sparked public outrage.

At the national level, the Associated press reported that “abortion rights supporters have taken to the streets […] Saturday to make clear their anger at the prospect that the Supreme Court will soon strike down the constitutional right to abortion. Cries of “My body, my choice” rang out as activists pledged to fight for what they called reproductive freedom. »

Check out Spinnaker photographer Justin Nedrow’s gallery of photographs from the Jacksonville protest below:

Spinnaker is not aware of any anti-abortion protests in Jacksonville at this time. If we do, he will receive similar coverage.


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