GRA committee disrupted by protesters in “Nicola Sturgeon: Destroyer of Women’s Rights” summits

WOMEN opposed to making it easier for trans people to legally change their gender have disrupted the GRA Bill’s latest evidence session at Holyrood, revealing T-shirts calling Nicola Sturgeon a ‘destroyer of human rights’ women”.

As Social Security Secretary Shona Robison testified on Tuesday, anti-GRA activists were in public seats as they stripped layers of clothing to reveal tops that read “Nicola Sturgeon: Destroyer of Women’s Rights.” women”.

The first woman took off her jumper about half an hour into the session of the Equalities Committee, as the Minister answered questions from MSPs.

She was promptly asked to leave by a member of staff and appeared to agree to the request. Other women wearing the same shirt also left around the same time.

The committee session was briefly adjourned but continued with Robison testifying alongside Peter Hope-Jones, head of the Gender Recognition Unit.

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A spokesman for the Scottish Parliament said: ‘There was a brief disturbance in the public gallery and some members of the public were asked to leave.

Women campaigning against GRA reforms took to Twitter on Tuesday to show off the anti-Sturgeon shirt on Bobby de Greyfriar, along with Suffragette-colored bows.

After the incident in the Scottish Parliament, one of the women involved said: “When our FM refuses to listen to our concerns, we have had no choice but to protest peacefully. Being denied the chance to do so sums up how much of a voice women have in Scotland at the moment.”

But Beth Douglas, the co-host of pro-GRA reform group Rainbow Greens who was also present at Tuesday’s evidence session, criticized those involved in the stunt.

“I am incredibly shocked that critical gender campaigners have repeatedly interfered in the work of the Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee in the Scottish Parliament today on the subject of reforms to the GRA,” she wrote. “They have no respect for the Scottish democratic process.”

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Opponents of the Scottish Government’s legislation say changing the gender identification process would threaten single-sex spaces and could open the door to predatory men who change sex with the intention of attacking women and girls.

But throughout the evidence sessions at Holyrood, experts argued that was not the case. Last week, Regina Doherty, the leader of the Irish Senate – where gender self-identification was introduced in 2015 – said the idea of ​​men using the bill to impersonate women and attacking is “fantastic”.

Barbara Bolton, legal and policy officer for the Scottish Human Rights Commission, added that she could not identify “any objectively proven real and concrete harm” that might come from the bill.

She added: ‘Most if not all of the concerns that have been outlined do not appear to be related to the proposals set out in this bill.’

A number of figures opposed to self-identification were also asked to give their views on the bill in committee, including the co-director of For Women Scotland, the head of research at the LGB Alliance and the director of Keep Prisons Single Sex.