Gillian Philip – Fired for supporting women’s rights

Gillian Philip’s contract was terminated in 2020 for supporting women’s rights. She files a complaint with the Labor Court that she should not have been discriminated against for holding and expressing gender-critical views.

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Who is Gillian Philippe?

Gillian Philip is a writer. His books include cross the line, bad faith, The opposite of Amber, Click the bait and the rebel angels series – Brandon, blood stone, Wolfsbane and Icefallas well as numerous educational titles.

Gillian is also a mother and a feminist and she believes that biological sex is real and important. She supports trans rights and believes that everyone can and should express themselves as they wish. However, she also believes that biological sex is immutable and cannot be changed by statement or statement.

What happened to Gillian Philip?

Her publishers HarperCollins and WorkingPartners terminated Gillian’s contract after she added the hashtag “IStandwithJKRowling” to her Twitter account. This simple gesture of support for a fellow author’s feminist beliefs generated a backlash on Twitter from gender identity activists. This led to what appeared to be a coordinated campaign by those who disagreed with Gillian’s views, demanding that WorkingPartners and her publisher fire her. Gillian’s social media and email accounts filled with threatening and abusive messages, which included threats of murder and rape. Gillian has been accused of being “transphobic” and of being a “TERF” (for trans-exclusive radical feminist) – the latter being a slur largely reserved for older feminists according to Professor Kathleen Stock.

Without asking for her side of the story, her publisher demanded that Gillian’s book deal be canceled and WorkingPartners obliged. This is despite the fact that both companies were fully aware of his opinions and his Twitter account and never asked him to be quiet about them. Additionally, WorkingPartners sent a letter to each of his attackers that appeared to support his accusations against Gillian.

Gillian’s contract ended almost immediately and her agent dumped her, just a month after her husband’s death. Today, she works as a courier and truck driver to make ends meet.

What is Gillian’s legal record?

Gillian joined the Free Speech Union and today she needs your help to get justice. She filed a lawsuit in employment tribunal against HarperCollins and WorkingPartners, claiming that she was a worker at WorkingPartners, not just a subcontractor, and that she had been discriminated against because of her sexist beliefs and about his age. This follows the case of Maya Forstater vs. CGD UKEAT/0105/20/JOJ in which it was established that gender views are protected by the Equality Act 2010.

Unfortunately, the victimization continues, with WorkingPartners repeatedly and directly threatening Gillian with unsubstantiated counterclaims and legal costs. WorkingPartners even asked the labor court to ban media reporting for fear of hostile emails. Unsurprisingly, the judge dismissed the gagging order out of hand, reminding WorkingPartners and its publisher of basic principles of open justice and legal protections for free speech.

Why should you support this case?

Gillian’s goal with the Free Speech Union is to win her case and in doing so, champion her and others who hold critical gender views, empowering them to s freely and without fear of persecution for their critical gender beliefs.

Gillian is indeed stigmatized within the publishing industry. She now wants to clear her name and get back to doing what she loves most: writing fiction. With over 40 books to his credit and 10 years of writing for WorkingPartners (the inventors and packagers of popular brands of children’s fiction like Rainbow Fairies, beast quest and Erin Hunter), it should never have come to this. Your donations could reverse it.

What is Gillian’s crowdfunding used for?

Gillian is crowdfunding to pay for legal representation to take this case to the labor court. Aided free of charge by the Free Speech Union, Gillian now has to raise £35,000 for legal costs she cannot afford. She focused on keeping a roof over her head, supporting her two children and caring for her elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. All funds would go directly to Gillian’s legal team. Lawyers will keep accounts showing how the money was used. Legal fees and court costs will begin immediately and continue throughout the campaign.

An employment tribunal hearing is approaching, taking place June 8-10, 2022, during which the employment tribunal will decide whether Gillian’s case can proceed to a full trial. It’s a make or break time and your support is crucial. This is a pressing public interest case regarding the freedom to speak out about controversial issues involving sex and gender. Please help Gillian and in turn support those who wish to speak out for women’s rights.

The Free Speech Union coordinates this campaign.

Campaign Timeline: Now through June 2022 (three months).

Thank you for your support.