Employment opportunities for women are at the heart of the Australia Jobs Summit

Economic productivity growth, rising wages and removing barriers to employment are among other topics that will be highlighted.

Economic opportunities for women will be the focus of the upcoming Australian Government Jobs Summit to be held in Canberra on the first two days of September. The government will also focus on growing economic productivity, raising wages and removing barriers to employment.

Other topics on the agenda include increasing labor market participation and providing a high quality workforce through skills, training and migration. The government is also inviting participants to bring ideas to the summit on how to address the challenges described.

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“Throughout the summit and beyond, we really want to bring people together from across the community to find common ground,” said Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers. “Australians are paying too high a price for a decade of division, squandered opportunities and distorted priorities.”

Everyone will have the opportunity to submit a contribution to the Jobs White Paper, which will help chart the future of skills and the workforce in Australia, he added.

Summit outcomes and subsequent discussions are expected to inform the Treasurer’s first budget on October 25, reports Crikey new.