EDITORIAL: Outrage over judicial activism won’t restore women’s rights, only voting can

JNow is not the time to despair over the loss of essential women’s rights eradicated last week by judicial campaigners at the Supreme Court.

Residents of Colorado and all states must act quickly and decisively to convince voters to remove elected far-right extremists from positions of minority power they abuse, further jeopardizing American rights and freedoms.

The vast majority of Americans already agree that, at the very least, women in the United States should never be forced to carry pregnancies caused by rapists to term or die forced to suffer ectopic pregnancies or medical problems. life-threatening obstetrics.

And the vast majority of Americans, regardless of their opinion on abortion, clearly understand that the issue of abortion rights is a matter of government intrusion.

It is untenable and untenable that anyone, especially an elected or appointed representative, should be empowered to impose their will on women, their bodies and their lives.

Decisions about reproduction, abortion, and all other health issues belong only to the individual women they impact.

Gone are the days of ensuring that those appointed and elected to protect Americans’ rights faithfully keep their promises and oaths. Instead, the justice system has been corrupted by former President Donald Trump and the Senate’s later chambers as they piled the courts, including the Supreme Court, with frauds, activists and liars.

Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett made it clear that they are, in fact, the political activists Americans have been warned they are.

It’s unclear how the legislative and executive branches of government can protect Americans from a Supreme Court gone rogue with judicial activists. Conniving members of Congress or the federal administration, however, will only hasten the slide towards a theocracy like the one that exercises control over citizens in Iran. There, as now here, the court clergy claim that the rights of government trump the rights of citizens, and especially those of women.

Americans are appalled that the assurances given to them regarding Roe v. Wade’s half-century-old and reaffirmed have been undermined by a reprobate tribunal that citizens can no longer trust.

Millions fear that neither these militant justices nor the politicians who put them there will stop at women’s rights.

The only preemptive defense Americans have is to vote for those who have no objection to the way women have been abused by this decision, or worse, those who actively support it and seek to further limit the rights of women or other Americans.

The uphill battle doesn’t convince Americans how unfair these regimes are — about two-thirds of Americans disapproved of the Supreme Court undermining the Roe v. Wade decision, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll last week. An NPR Marist poll found that 57% of Americans viewed the Supreme Court’s decision as based on politics, not law.

The battle will be to persuade everyone who opposes to register to vote and mark their ballot for the elected leaders who agree with them on the barbarism of this Supreme Court scheme and those who support it. or ignore it.

A few months before the national and regional elections, the time has come to act to reclaim the essential rights of women.