Denise Welch hits out at criticism of Loose Women’s expensive work

Loose Women star Denise Welch has hit back at a critical viewer who slammed her ‘expensive’ segment on the ITV show.

During an episode this week, people got to see the 64-year-old in sunny Los Angeles as she gave a glimpse of some lavish homes in Hollywood.

However, it seems some were unimpressed as they demanded to know “who paid the bill” for the luxury stay.

The Geordie actress, who is a regular on the ITV show, recently spent time in the States visiting her godparents.

While there, Denise was also able to enjoy an impromptu reunion with actor Reece Noi, who played one of her struggling students called Earl Kelly on the BBC show Waterloo Road.

Loose Women star Denise Welch hit back at a critical viewer

During her trip, the actress was also able to meet Farrah and Alexia, the daughters of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

While it was all fun and games for the star, she was also in the States doing work for Loose Women which was revealed this week.

A segment of the show sees the panelists take on tasks they would do if they weren’t on the ITV show.

We’ve seen Ruth Langford as a flight attendant, Linda Robson become a hotel cleaner, and Jane Moore join the cast of Mamma Mia in the West End.

Denise was able to achieve her 'dream job' as a real estate agent in Los Angeles
Denise was able to achieve her ‘dream job’ as a real estate agent in Los Angeles

It was Denise’s turn recently to achieve her “dream job” as viewers got to see her become a real estate agent in Los Angeles.

However, one Twitter user – whose username featured the word ‘sunshine’ – was less than impressed, writing: “May I ask who paid the bill to bring Denise to Los Angeles to walk around classy blunders while chatting guts?

“What a waste of money and for that it’s what they would be doing if they weren’t in Loose Women, well correct me if I’m wrong but Ruth and Jane are journalists, Linda and Denise are actresses.”

The reaction did not go unnoticed by Denise who fired back at the critic.

She replied, “Hi. Maybe you’d like to change your Twitter handle.”

Denise's husband Lincoln sent her to Greece to celebrate her birthday
Denise’s husband Lincoln sent her to Greece to celebrate her birthday

To which the user, who has since removed ‘sunshine’ from their username, replied, “No thanks, perfectly happy with the one I have thanks, maybe try changing yours to Me Me Me, oh yes i have / done / been there listen to me me me.”

Without backing down, Denise jokingly replied, “Your 43 followers are lucky to have you.”

It seemed like Denise seemed to annoy another viewer who mentioned her late father Vin, who passed away last year.

They wrote: “Denise squelch show mentioned the dad again already…waiting for the rest of the checklist – Lincoln, Matty, sanity, blah blah blah.”

To which Denise replied, “I think I scored a hat trick today. It’s nice of you to show such support and I hope you get the same.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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