A number of former and current US officials have denounced the Islamic Republic’s harassment of New York-based dissident journalist and women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad. Jim Risch (R-Idaho), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Alinejad’s continued Iranian harassment “outrageous,” referring to the man armed with a loadedRead More →

It finally came home. The men couldn’t do it, but the women did. In front of a crowded 90,000 crowded Wembley Stadium and millions watching across the country, the Lionesses won Euro 2022. They beat Germany 2-1. It’s something truly worth celebrating – England’s first major footballing trophy since 1966,Read More →

A women’s rights activist has been visited by Wiltshire police officers – who have allegedly accused her of being ‘annoying with paedophiles’. Kellie-Jay Keen, who lives in Hilperton Road, Trowbridge, expressed her frustrations in a YouTube video about the force’s response to the hate crimes report on Sunday July 24.Read More →

Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate received a less than warm welcome from liberal protesters demonstrating against restrictive abortion laws on Saturday – who chased him away when he tried to show support. Pro-abortion protesters shouted over Rep. Charlie Crist’s attempts to speak to them outside an event in Tampa on Saturday,Read More →

Irondale, Brooklyn’s leading theatrical and artistically ambitious theater ensemble, along with three esteemed curators, has announced the lineup for the fifth annual On Women Festival, July 11-31, celebrating the lives and experiences of female artists. Committed to producing the works of emerging, progressive and dynamic playwrights, this year’s festival willRead More →

An abortion saved the life of U.S. Representative Jackie Speier, enabling a decades-long career advocating for women’s rights, but she will leave office in an America where women have fewer reproductive freedoms than when she arrived. She said she intended to continue fighting outside of political office. “I’m not goingRead More →

Aaccess to abortion is about to be severely reduced or cut off for millions of women in the United States following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down established constitutional protections for termination of pregnancy by the historic Roe v Wade case 50 years ago. The decision allows state legislaturesRead More →

WOMEN opposed to making it easier for trans people to legally change their gender have disrupted the GRA Bill’s latest evidence session at Holyrood, revealing T-shirts calling Nicola Sturgeon a ‘destroyer of human rights’ women”. As Social Security Secretary Shona Robison testified on Tuesday, anti-GRA activists were in public seatsRead More →

Turkish women’s rights activists have criticized courts that have given reduced sentences to perpetrators of gender-based violence on the grounds that they were “provoked”, saying it has created a culture of impunity. Lawyer Selin Nakıpoğlu of the Women’s Platform for Equality (ESIK) said that by issuing sentence reductions based onRead More →

Overturning the constitutional right to abortion in the United States is a “horrific step backwards for women’s rights” threatening real risk to lives, said Labor leader Ivana Bacik. “The effect of today’s Supreme Court decision will be devastating,” said Ms. Bacik. “It will not prevent abortions, but is likely toRead More →

Ukrainian MPs voted on June 20 to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which is widely recognized as the most far-reaching international treaty against violence against women and domestic violence. The ratification marks a new step in Ukraine’s European integration and underlines Ukraine’s determination to continue the country’s transformation despite the enormousRead More →

Far from feminist utopia, progressive politics backed by radical gender activism has created a generation of women too afraid to speak out. In the world of competitive sports, women have been told to “step up” and “shut up” when it comes to biological men standing above them on the podiumRead More →

Feminists said balaclava-clad trans rights activists ‘silenced’ them today in Bristol as tensions between the two groups erupted again. The black-clad crowd were heard shouting ‘trans rights are human rights’ as women’s rights activists held a conference in honor of Father’s Day in College Green. During the clash, the anarchistsRead More →

“In this time of proliferating crises, the international community must pursue proven strategies for peace and stability. Protecting and promoting women’s rights is such a strategy,” he said during the debate, noting the positive role that regional organizations have played in protecting and promoting the key agenda. “A question ofRead More →

Mexico claims to pursue a “feminist” foreign policy. The full truth is that women’s rights cannot be taken for granted in the country itself. Mexico is notorious for its feminicides (see me and Sheila Mysorekar at www.dandc.eu). In 2020, 948 women were murdered, 2.7% more than in 2019. For severalRead More →

Phil Schofield discusses Sarah Everard’s vigil this morning The two sisters Mrs Henry and Mrs Smallman were stabbed to death in Fryent Country Park and their bodies were discovered by family members on June 7, 2020. The march was organized by the Women’s Equality Party who said: ‘Women are betrayedRead More →

Representatives of women’s rights organizations and opposition politicians gathered outside the Council of State, Turkey’s highest administrative court, in Ankara on Tuesday morning for the upcoming hearing on the annulment of Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, Turkish media reported. The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violenceRead More →

WOMEN’S rights campaigners have slammed Johnny Depp’s victory in a multi-million pound libel case at a protest ahead of his rock concert in Glasgow. Activists unfurled a banner outside the city’s Royal Concert Hall reading: “The verdict was not ‘justice’, it was silence.” 3 Activists protest outside Depp’s concertCredit: SteveRead More →

The cost of sanitary clothing undermines women’s rights BY SHARON BUWERIMWEGENDER activists have expressed concern over the prohibitive cost of sanitary garments, saying they compromise women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. With galloping inflation, the prices of basic necessities and services exploding, hygiene clothing has not been spared. A packRead More →

Peshawar – Representatives of a civil society organization have called for the protection of the rights of women workers in factories and business premises and stressed the need to strictly enforce all relevant laws and regulations in this regard. Speakers while expressing their views during an introductory session about WorkingRead More →

The United Nations Security Council has expressed “deep concern” over the Taliban’s order forcing women to cover their faces in public, including on television. The United Nations Security Council has called on the Taliban to “swiftly reverse” policies restricting the human rights and freedoms of Afghan women, in a unanimouslyRead More →

Attachments During the 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine, violence against women and girls, especially domestic violence and sexual violence, increased rapidly. Since February 2022, the situation has deteriorated to alarming new levels. Pervasive and exacerbated violence against Ukrainian women and girls is a consequence of the war, with women andRead More →

Dr. Huma Baqai May 15, 2022. 10:15 a.m. Afghanistan is a deeply patriarchal and conservative society. Women largely dress very conventionally, and even young girls wear the hijab. However, Afghan women under Taliban 2.0 again face repression and marginalization, aimed at reversing the visibility, freedom and empowerment that Afghan womenRead More →

Several hundred people filled the lawn in front of the Duval County Courthouse Saturday afternoon as they demonstrated in favor of abortion rights during the “People’s Rally Against Abortion.” Organized by the Jacksonville Women’s Marchan activist organization led by a woman in Jacksonville, the protest joined many more planned acrossRead More →

Many businesses’ success depends on raising finance. To get business finance and capital, women-owned firms confront unique hurdles. Although women controlled over 40% of firms in the US by 2019, almost 99% of new venture money went to male founders in 2020. Women entrepreneurs face more challenges than males inRead More →

On Saturday, a Cairo court found journalist and writer Rasha Azab not guilty on charges of insulting, defaming and willfully harming film director Islam Azazi. The case dates back to December 2020 when the online blog Daftar Hekayat released anonymous testimonies from six survivors who said Islam sexually assaulted them,Read More →

Photo: Twitter @morcativakfi Representatives of Turkish women’s rights organizations and lawyers will meet early on April 28 outside the Council of State, Turkey’s highest administrative court, in Ankara, before the court announces its decision on the appeal requesting the cancellation of Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, Turkey Minute reported,Read More →

Critical gender activist Mia Ashton has sent a letter to 3,000 school trustees across Canada expressing deep concern over policies allowing schools to hide a child’s transgender leanings from their parents. Ashton is an Ottawa-based spokesperson for the organization Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights (caWsbr), which aims to uphold women’s rightsRead More →

IranSource April 21, 2022 Ableism exists online among Iranian women’s rights activists. It needs to be fixed. By Ahou Koutchesfahani Iranian women’s rights activism is very present and visible on social media with countless hashtags, images and videos circulating online and going viral to regularly draw attention to important causes,Read More →

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Two inmates who become pregnant at a women’s prison in central Jersey are erasing the ‘trope’ that ‘transgender women are women’, a women’s rights activist said on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Tuesday. Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign was reactingRead More →

Women demonstrate in Istanbul against Turkey’s decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, March 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/ERDEM SAHIN The prosecutor’s office filed a complaint on Wednesday, seeking to shut down the We Will Stop Femicide platform, Turkey’s leading women’s NGO, for allegedly “acting against the law and against morals”. TheRead More →

When the non-governmental organization Global Rights recently staged a commissioned performance of the play “Beere” based on the historical account of the Egba women’s revolt, the historical drama resonates with the renewed call for quality and to women’s political participation in Nigeria. Yinka Olatunbosun reports In prelude to the dramaRead More →