Bangkok activists call on Prayut to change Thailand’s maternity leave law

On Tuesday, International Women’s Day, networks of women’s rights groups in Bangkok called on Prime Minister Prayut to change Thailand’s current maternity leave law. Under the current law, women are paid for 90 days off. Women’s rights activists want it increased to 98 days. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare spokeswoman said the department would discuss the matter at a panel.

“The Prime Minister maintains that women are treated equally and enjoy the benefits of employment.”

The spokeswoman said Prime Minister Prayut had been following the amendments closely. Under the current law, employers pay women the first 45 days of their leave, and the next 45 days are paid by the Social Security Bureau. Activists now want the SSO to propose a draft legal amendment.

Maternity benefits in Thailand are part of the Labor Protection Act 1998. Another resulting maternity benefit is that, with a medical certificate, a temporary change in a worker’s duties is permitted shortly before and after the birth of the child. The law also protects women from dismissal while pregnant.

Thailand currently has no mandatory paternity leave in the private sector. In the public sector, men have 15 days to take care of newborns.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post | asinta