After arresting activists, Taliban continue to threaten and intimidate women activists

09 February 2022 20:53 STI

Washington [US]Feb. 09 (ANI): Taliban members continue to threaten and harass female activists to intimidate them after recently arresting some female activists, according to a media report.
Even as the Taliban tries to persuade the world to recognize and financially support its government, they have embarked on a violent crackdown on dissent. In recent weeks, Taliban fighters have targeted women’s rights activists, especially those protesting the Taliban’s denial of their basic rights, The Washington Post reported.
Armed activists beat protesters, sprayed their faces with pepper spray and shocked them with electric prods, according to half a dozen activists interviewed by the US-based publication.
Taliban fighters have targeted women’s rights activists, especially those protesting against the Taliban’s denial of their basic rights. Recently, the Taliban arrested women activists who were protesting against the Taliban and asking them to guarantee women their fundamental rights.
Sahar Fetrat, associate researcher for Human Rights Watch, said that through the abduction of these women, the Taliban send a clear message about how society should function, who has authority and power, and how people should obey him.
“It’s about stopping any type of activism, any form of protest against the Taliban.”
The targeting of activists continued even after a meeting late last month in Oslo, where Taliban representatives met with special envoys from the United States and European countries to ask for more humanitarian aid and diplomatic recognition. , reported the Washington Post.
Currently, in most parts of Afghanistan, girls cannot go to school beyond the sixth grade. Women in the country are also banned from government jobs, except for those working in the health and education sector.
The Taliban continuously engaged in anti-women activities. There is no female minister among the 33 new ministers of the Taliban interim government. They also shut down the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and turned it into the office of the Religious Morality Police.
And a new Taliban rule months ago ordering women to take a male relative with them on long trips has proven the group rarely takes action to promote and protect women’s rights.
With the arrest of activists and reports of harassment,
incidents and activists from human rights groups called on the Taliban to take action to prevent such incidents in the future and to take action against those responsible.
Ravina Shamdasani, the spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told reporters in Geneva that authorities should take steps to secure the activists’ “safe and immediate release” and hold those responsible accountable. , according to the Washington Post. (ANI)