A movement of Russian women defended white asbestos (chrysotile)

MOSCOW, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the end of January 2022, the Coordinating Council of Trade Union Organizations of Asbest, in the Sverdlovsk region, and the Women for Safe Labor and Social Stability (WSLT) movement published a resolution on the use of chrysotile asbestos. They deemed it necessary to organize an international conference where measures would be developed to protect the industrial use of chrysotile asbestos against discrimination. “In view of the above, the participants of the meeting decided that an international conference on the aforementioned subject should be convened to develop collective measures against discrimination related to chrysotile, introduce a moratorium on bans on the use of chrysotile , as well as chrysotile-containing materials and products, followed by a relevant appeal to the Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention and its members”, – indicates the resolution.

The International Alliance of Trade Union Organizations called Chrysotile supports the campaign of its colleagues who have declared their desire to defend the chrysotile industry by Russia and around the world. Chrysotile asbestos is a fibrous mineral widely used in industrial production. It is used in more than 300 types of industrial products: roofing, facade panels, cladding, pipes, brake linings, fireproof cardboard, thermal insulation materials, personal protective equipment and platform reinforcement. Chrysotile-based building materials can be used in a variety of complex and difficult tasks. They are more affordable than their synthetic counterparts on the market, have a long lifespan and can be used in any climatic zone, from the Arctic to the tropics. Due to their reliability and affordability, chrysotile cement products are widely used in infrastructure projects, which are essential for economic development and improving the lives of billions of people.

Hundreds of thousands of people work in the chrysotile industry around the world. There are three chrysotile mines in Russia and Kazakhstan. Chrysotile extraction and manufacturing companies create jobs, pay taxes and, above all, produce quality products. Chrysotile cement products enable the construction of affordable housing and sustainable communications. In addition, they are used to provide drinking water to people in emerging economies.

However, the industrial use of chrysotile asbestos is regularly contested by several States and activists during the Conference of the Parties of the rotterdam agreement. The Rotterdam Convention was adopted in 2004, with 72 signatory states and 161 ratifying states. As part of the agreement, the parties to the Convention regulate the circulation of chemicals, taking care to preserve the environment and human health. There are many studies confirming the safety of the mineral in a controlled environment. Nevertheless, regular attacks on the chrysotile industry arouse suspicion, suggesting that motives other than “public health” are at stake. Manufacturers of alternative man-made fibers have long dreamed of breaking into new markets.

In 2019, the chrysotile industry patina a storm and stood proud – opponents of asbestos did not provide convincing evidence. Officials from the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, Pakistan, Cuba, India and Iran united to express their point of view – chrysotile asbestos is safe under controlled use and is an important part of the global economy. This year, the battle against opponents of chrysotile asbestos promises to be fierce. However, the Chrysotile alliance is confident of their victory. The key advantage lies in several decades of work for the benefit of humanity, where he managed to prove the safety of chrysotile-based products and their advantages in industrial production.

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