President of the People’s National Party (PNP) women’s movement, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, lamented what she says is the serious problem of inequality in Jamaican society, noting that black people have the fewest opportunities in the country. Speaking at the PNP’s 84th annual conference at the National Arena earlier today, DuncanRead More →

During Elaine Kadakia’s 83rd birthday, she marched in Springfield for women’s rights, stood up to raise awareness of violence against women, and raised her two daughters. Now Kadakia, from Huntley, makes ceramic art depicting the struggle for equality she has seen women endure over the years. Some of his favoriteRead More →

BALDWINSVILLE — After the Supreme Court ruled in June that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee the right to have an abortion, a group of Baldwinsville friends decided they had to take action. They have formed a coalition called the CNY Rally for Women’s Rights and are planning a series ofRead More →