Bangladesh has started to rank well in official statistics on the advancement of women indicators. Over the past 50 years, women have emerged from their invisibility to feature in the development discourse in Bangladesh. Official reports recognize them as engines of the economy and peacekeepers. On the billboards, we areRead More →

Outreach groups were the foundation of second wave feminism, awakening women to their struggles and the sexism of the social structures in which they lived. An article from 1979 gives a fascinating insight into their purpose and structure. Bonnie Moore Randolph and Clydene Ross-Valliere, both nurses in the field ofRead More →

Tribal history is proud to have seen brave and courageous women from indigenous communities, who not only fought for their rights but also successfully led their communities and are credited in establishing the Republic of India . Rani Durgavati, a fierce ruler of the kingdom of Gondwana fought valiantly againstRead More →