Compare mortgages from several different banks.

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Good Finance helps you lower the cost of your mortgage by comparing the interest rates of several different banks and lenders. We give you professional advice all the way to a cheaper mortgage.

• You save money
• You save time when we contact all banks
• You can feel safe
• You receive personal and pleasant advice
• You do not bargain and negotiate yourself

Compare mortgages, save money

Compare mortgages, save money

You should always compare interest rates for your mortgage. With an online request from Good Finance your question goes to several different credit institutions. Then you can compare interest rates and other terms and conditions against the costs you have today.

By comparing mortgages, you can arrange long-term discounts that mean a real saving in the long term. One tip is that the mortgage rebate on your old home loan usually expires after one year and then switches to a higher interest rate, unless you renegotiate the loan. This is an excellent opportunity to compare different mortgages, to keep the cost down even in the long term.

Thus, with the help of Good Finance you can save money whether it is a new loan or moving an old loan.

Your mortgage in safe hands

Your mortgage in safe hands

Our knowledgeable, licensed advisors can help you with an overview of your entire finances, so that you feel that you are in control and that everything happens on your terms. For most people, rescheduling their mortgage is the biggest financial decision they make. Therefore, we want our customers to feel safe and comfortable.

In addition, it is enough that we take a credit report, which is then used by all the possible lenders. This is important because many credit reports can reduce your credit rating for a short period of time. In other words, comparing mortgages with us offers more benefits than lowered interest rates.

Good Finance’s personal advice gives you good and pleasant service, as well as a better chance of getting a good interest rate and good conditions than if you negotiate on your own.

It goes fast: Compare interest rates within 24 hours


When you compare mortgages with Good Finance you will usually receive a response within 24 hours. The actual change of bank takes longer and depends in part on how active you are. But it’s pretty easy and we give you expert help all the way.

On your login page you can, among other things, see the current offers that have come in and get in touch with our managers. Of course, you can also reach us over the phone if you have questions about your mortgage that you want to discuss with us.

If you want control over your finances, you will not only have good income. You should also keep your expenses down. Therefore, it should be obvious to compare mortgages so that you do not overpay unnecessarily.

You don’t have to bargain and negotiate yourself


Negotiating with banks can be complicated, as they often have an information takeover. In addition, many people find it difficult to negotiate loan terms and bargain on interest rates.

That is why Good Finance offers you this service, so that you can manage your mortgage as carefree as possible. We take care of what is difficult, so that you do not have to focus and instead focus on something else that is important in your life.

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